You can help us make a difference.  


We focus on improving the life and environment of an incredibly varied community that calls the city centre, home. 
Whether it be just to keep up to date with goings-on, or to give your opinion, meet other residents, or to get more involved in engaging with our local board, Council and other agencies that affect us, this is where you can take action.

Anyone who lives within the blue boundary of the Auckland City Centre, either as a tenant or an owner, is eligible to join CCRG.

The membership fee is currently $10 yearly.

CCRG is managed according to its Rules by an annually elected committee that meets monthly.

General meetings are held monthly and are open to all members (who get to vote!), and interested people in general. 

Membership Form:

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* Address (residence in the city centre is a requirement)
* Address (residence in the city centre is a requirement)


We rely solely on membership fees for our day-to-day costs. Any donations that further assist us in our advocacy are most welcome. 

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