The Residents' Voice for Auckland’s City Centre

We are Auckland city centre residents
We want to make the city centre the best it can be for all residents


We celebrate the rich, varied, & lively  opportunities that living  in the city centre provides.  

CCRG works to promote the livability & quality of the city centre for all of its 57,000+ residents - & to nurture the growth of its communities & neighbourhoods. 

We do this across a spectrum of issues, via our advocacy & representational work with those groups and organisations that directly and indirectly influence the direction and quality of city centre life.



Find out about CCRG, its history & structure,  our policies & positions, our methods, and some of the results of our advocacy for city centre residents.

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PEOPLE FIRST– business exists to serve and employ people, transport exists to move people and their things, infrastructure exists to house and support people to live healthy lives, arts/culture is about people’s stories, the environment has to be protected to provide food and water for all living things including people, governments exist to represent the will of people so we must therefore develop the city with a future focus on people.

A short film starring vertically living residents (people living in apartments) of the Auckland City Centre. What once was a place of business with a tertiary edge, now has a population of 50,000 and growing living 24/7 within the bounds of the motorway system.

Life in Auckland's central city - part of a SERIES on city centre residents from Our Auckland (Auckland Council)