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tales of the city centre

Interviews with city centre residents on life in the the city centre, courtesy of Auckland Council’s Our Auckland


Safer Speeds Programme - a 30 KH City Centre


City Centre Development Plans Update November 2018 “Building a City Centre for People”

Check out he very impressive things that are going to happen in our city centre over the next few years. It’s all about putting people first.


CCRG held the First Great Big Jumbly Bumbly sale
Sat 20 Oct 10am - 2.30pm

A fantastic effort raising about $900 for the City Centre Community Fridge. At the end, remaining clothes were distributed to homeless people as well as Auckland City Mission City Mission taking a van load of goods for their services - thanks! - so all went to good places. Thanks again to Jen and team at Pā Rongorongo to Splice AKL Waitemata Local Board and to all who helped and dropped by and to the entertainers Ramona Rudolph , Mark Laurent & Luke Hurley


Regional FACILITIES Auckland

A Council Controlled Organisation (CCO), RFA manage many prominent City Centre venues and entities including: Aotea Centre, Aotea Square, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland Town Hall, The Civic, New Zealand Maritime Museum, Queens Wharf.

They are currently refurbishing the Aotea centre with plans to build the Aotea Studios behind. Read more below for a slideshow summary of RFA - what they do, their achievements and finances, presented in September 2018 to the City Centre Advisory Board.


Waitematā Local Board Annual Report 2017-18

The Annual Report is a legislatively required document. The annual report is a key communication to residents to inform them of the key local initiatives and achievements, and how the results in delivering services in the Local Board area. Telling a clear and balanced performance story, in plain English, and in a form that is accessible,


 CCRG Supports Showers for homeless people

The CCRG has partnered with the Ellen Melville Centre and the Auckland City Mission to offer a programme of showers to homeless people this winter, thanks to a generous local grant from the Waitematā Local Board.  We are pleased that the local board recognizes the need for such services, and we note that it aligns with their 2017 Local Board Plan:

 “Outcome 1: Inclusive communities that are vibrant, healthy and connected. Ensure all members of the community have access to shelter and warmth. … Support initiatives that enhance public amenities in the city centre.”

 The shower at the Ellen Melville Centre will be available to homeless people from 5 July until 30 August, Mondays and Thursdays, 7am - 9.30am. 

Made possible via a grant from Waitematā Local Board.


'One Sense at a time' - SENSING THE CITY THROUGH our senses

Walking the city streets may seem like just an everyday experience:  But what changes when you try walking more attentively, making use of your senses?

“Walking – one sense at a time” asks precisely that question. In the first of a series of creative city explorations,focussing on one specific sense per walk: smell, sound, visual, tactile, taste. The first walk on 22 May was 'Smell'  - read about what we found, and there was plenty to discover smell-wise, in the city centre.



Auckland Waste Management & Minimisation Plan 2018

Waste grows with te city, particularly from the construction and development sectors. 
Household waste has  reduced by 10 per cent in 2010-2016. But we need to include commercial
waste streams, where around 80 per cent of our waste to landfill comes from.

This plan sets out to continue the collaborative approach of the first plan, working with
communities, businesses, mana whenua and mataawaka. In particluar finding ways to work
more closely with business and industry to find ways to reduce commercial waste and
divert waste materials into new economic activities.

Auckland Council Report July 2018


CRL VIDEOS: How Lower Queen Street and its surrounds will look in 2020

The City Centre Targeted Rate (paid by city centre businesses and residents), is funding $10 million  to theses streetscape works.

Videos - CRL May 2018


City Mission Presentation to CCRG
7 May 2018

Auckland City Mission presentation to CCRG: HomeGround Development

City Missioner Chris Farrelly spoke on the mission's purpose and 100 year history, its current programs, and the exciting proposals to rebuild the site with a larger, modern and fit for purpose facility.  The facility will provide  mixed model housing, health, and wraparound services  to  help address the homelessness crisis.It will provide effective methods & resources to restore the   mental and physical wellbeing of the City’s most   vulnerable and move them to independence.


9 April 2018

Panuku Presentation to CCRG: Queens wharf dolphins & eastern Viaduct  Changes

Panuku presented  some updates to CCRG on some of their waterfront projects.

One update was  proposed Queen's Wharf Dolphins & associated new connecting structures. These would enable  the largest cruise ships to moor at Queen's Wharf.  This will be a publicly notified  resource consent.

The other update covered the very welcome changes to the public realm on the Eastern Viaduct - the background,  current usage,  the 'urban laboratory' underpinnings, and hopefully future  improvements to this waterfront gateway.


Heart of The City March 2018


Residents speak to Heart of the City and provide a perspective on life in the city centre. 

Vibrancy, diversity, varied choices, infrastructure - these are certainly some of the the many positives as we head towards 60,000 residents.


C40 Cities - Fossil Fuel Streets Update for Auckland

Mayor Phil Goff  signed the C40 Cities Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration in October 2017,  joining a global network of cities taking action to address climate change. There is a pledge to procure only zero-emission buses from 2025, and ensure that a major area of the city is zero
emission by 2030. (Wynyard Quarter?)

The policies are designed to fight air pollution, improve the quality of life for all citizens, and help tackle the global threat of climate change.  Great news for Auckland. 



ACCAB Item 9 20 March 2018

Victoria Linear Park Stage One (Hobson to Queen St) 

March 2018 update on the Victoria Linear Park project early design and planning for stage 1  presented to the City Centre Advisory Board. Feedback provided at the meeting:

  • consider linear park stretching beyond Albert park

  • consideration of the shared space

  • importance of selling the vision to city centre stakeholders, effective comms and development response initiatives,

  • note the risk around underestimating pedestrian numbers.


Proactively Building Better Cycling Infrastructure in Apartment Buildings

Sugartree is a recent residential/retail development at the top of Nelson street which will eventually house 2000 residents, and welcome a lot of regular users. They have an active bike group which has been working on remedying the lack of bicycle facilities that came with the building. Some good tips and info on how to go about building a bike community  apartment buildings. It's all about providing workable, convenient and secure alternatives and transport choices in the city centre


Anzac Ave Car Share

ADDitional City Centre Car share parking - Feedback

AT recently sought feedback on proposals to install ten car share parking spaces around Central Auckland. We support car shares such as City Hop as hybrid versions of Public Transport, and as a way of making  much more efficient use of our limited public spaces - in this case road space. 

CCRG position:
Public transport, cycling and pedestrians, must have priority over private transport in all transport related projects in, and around, the city centre

Feedback is in and the initial plans will now be implemented.

AT March 2018

K Road Enhancements Project

A whole lot of great changes for residents &  for k Rd  have your say
Peak hour bus lanes changes. A separated cycleway in each direction, connecting with other cycleways. Changes to loading zones (increased numbers on side streets), taxi stands, & mobility parking. Tree removal, tree relocation, and new trees . Rain gardens for natural stormwater filtration. New street lighting. New street furniture, & more.


Auckland Council 29.11.17

Mayoral Proposal: Ten-year Budget 2018-2028
29 November 2017

Every three years Council adopts a 10-year budget (long-term plan), and holds a full public consultation each time.  Last week , Mayor Phil Goff released his Mayoral Proposal, which outlines his priority areas for the budget.  Have a look at the proposed areas of spend - see what you think, and get ready to have your say.

Auckland Council

Auckland Council


Is it time Auckland became more pedestrian-friendly?

Well, it probably couldn't be much more hostile to those walking, so that would be a 'Yes!'

Half a million people walk around the City Centre every weekday, (everyone is a pedestian at some stage) but until now Auckland hasn't had a strategy for better serving pedestrians – or placed a dollar value on improving the city for them. In this RNZ interview, Auckland Council's Darren Davis  backs up what we all already knew with  a business case for making our biggest city more pedestrian-friendly.


SASOC 2107

Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition (SASOC) 28.9.17 AGM addresses

SASOC's Mission -To lobby for immediate upgrade of the drainage infrastructure of
the central Auckland isthmus to stop untreated wastewater and stormwater discharges into the environment”

Stretched Auckland’s civic infrastructure - in this case sewage/stormwater that affects all of us who border the Waitematā  and other waterways. Discussed at the AGM was the revised Central Interceptor project now renamed Western Isthmus Water Quality Improvement Plan (WIWQIP). This large pipe will probably run from Cox's Bay via Western Springs and Mt Albert to the MāngereWastewater Treatment Plant. Work will start on this very soon. An announcement on the scope of the work is expected from Council this month.

In addition the AGM considered a discussion sheet (click below) about the implications of a targeted rate. 

Click below for a brief sheet explaining "SASOC at a glance" which gives a quick overview of SASOC.


Britomart Station Surrounds includng Lower Queen Street - September 2017

A 67-page document looking at a whole range of designs, design elements, and focussing on people and pedestrians, not only in the areas directly in front of Britomart Station, but also in the surrounding streets. 

The CRL report is the detailed source document.
Greater Auckland also have a useful analysis and commentary on the proposals.


Leaky buildings, seismic strengthening and leasehold rent reviews

These are just some of the issues Auckland apartment buyers need to watch out for. From (12 August 2017) this article  sensibly highlights the issues buyers need to be aware of as they carry out their due diligence, prior to buying an apartment. Many buildings have no, or just the regular ongoing R&M needs of any property. Others do not. Care must always be taken. Caveat Emptor.

UTA Review is Lacking

UTA Review is Lacking

Buyer beware: The law is failing to protect Kiwi apartment owners

5 July 2017 by Maria Slade from NOTED

If you are an apartment owner you will know about the Unit Titles Act (UTA) and its shortcomings. A much-needed review of this Act is underway.  But the review recommendations do not go far enough this article says.


How ACPs catch fire

ACP cladding investigation update
Enhanced review underway

30 June 2017 - Auckland Council

In light of  issues raised by the London disaster, Auckland Council is undertaking a much-needed review &  investigation into buildings  that potentially have aluminium composite panels (ACP) in their construction. Read their press release, info on ACPs in Auckland, and what they are doing.

City Centre Schools

Skyscraper schools for auckland

5 July 2017NZ Herald

The number of people living in the city centre alone is rising fast. Already over 40,000 (including 2,000 school-age children), this number will rise quickly and is forcing a re-think on where space for the tens of thousands of extra students expected in the future will come from.

Common in urban entres overseas,this will mean a new type of urban school for Auckland - those with high-rise classrooms and no sports fields.


Auckland CBD, beaches and al fresco dining areas to become smokefree

6 July 2017,  Shani Williams,Akl City Harbour News

Smoking may be banned in Auckland's City Centre as Auckland Council ramps up its goal to become a smoke free city.

Auckland Council is putting measures in place to make beaches, urban centres and al fresco dining areas smokefree areas by 2018.


3.5Km of Tunnels under Albert park

Proposal to open the Tunnels Under Albert park

Reid & Andreef presentation to City Centre Advisory Board, July 2017 Agenda

3.5Km of tunnels were built during WW2 as shelters. Big enough to drive supply trucks through. Still there - although full of stacked bricks...this is a long-planned project led (in particular) by one very determined man, that would see the main tunnel reopened from Victoria St to Beach Road, with additional access from Princes & Symonds St. It would operate for walking and cycling. and integrate with the Victoria Street Linear Park and the CRL.