arts/culture is about people’s stories
business exists to serve and employ people
transport exists to move people and their things
governments exist to represent the will of people
infrastructure exists to house and support people to live healthy lives
the environment has to be protected to provide food & water for all living things including people
so we must therefore develop the city with a future focus on people

Our Mission

Is to represent and advocate for all Auckland city centre residents, to Auckland Council, the Waitematā Local Board and other relevant agencies & organisations.

The purpose of such representation is to make known the concerns of residents, placing their interests and concerns at the centre of all decision making that affects residents in the city centre, and by doing so work towards achieving the best possible living environment.

We work to support community building in the city centre.

CCRG welcomes the diversity of representation from all sectors of the community and seeks to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, affirmed and supported in line with the spirit of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We look to cooperate and engage with other Auckland City Centre organisations having similar objectives.

Our aim is to continually work to improve the liveability and quality of the city centre.

CCRG most recent Annual REPORT (2019) gives a good snapshot of what we do.

The Way We Work

The CCRG will engage with city centre residents, by all means available, including all our social media channels below and Newsletters to ensure
that their voice is heard on city centre matters.

We hold monthly public meetings, and residents’ events, like our monthly ‘Red Hat’ Dinners. We organise public events such as the Meet the Candidates for the 2019 Local Government elections. We hold events such as our annual Jumbly Bumbly sale to raise funds for city centre charities.

We participate in fun, tactical, city centre interventions, like Neighbours’ Day, Myers Park Medley, and World Park(ing) Day to raise city centre residents’ profile, awareness, and demonstrate that our cities can work better for people, especially residents, and to have some fun!

Policy Positions


Pedestrians, cyclists and Public transport, must have priority over private transport in all transport related projects in, and around, the city centre

Our primary focus is to support the integrity of the City Centre Masterplan as the primary delivery model for all city centre projects, including various forms of transport that favour environmentally friendly options.The CCRG expects that all private use of public street space should come at a cost to the user with that revenue spent dedicated to improving the public realm.


Great public spaces are the identifier of cities – these are the places we all enjoy, remember, photograph, meet others, relax and play in, irrespective of which city we find them

Public Spaces, in all their forms, are precious assets that improve everyone’s lifestyle and must be maintained, enhanced, and increased. The city centre does not have enough open space, so if any existing public space needs to be modified, for whatever reason, the outcome must be a better public space option for residents.

In any decisions made about the use of current, or future public spaces, the simple recreational needs (“third spaces”) of the residential community, are to be considered of equal or greater importance to that of events and commercial needs.  


Residents are entitled to a healthy City Centre environment

The CCRG will advocate for and cooperate with others:

  • that noise, air and light pollution in all forms are significant issues and must be managed to limit the impact on residents, while maintaining a vibrant city centre

  • for a physically clean city & to find opportunities to reduce waste, increase recycling & limit the impacts of rubbish

  • that antisocial behaviour be appropriately managed to ensure the perception and the reality, of a safe city centre

  • to ensure that the air, waterways and beaches connected to the city centre, are clean and safe for human use


Along with any with any growth in the city centre, improved public transport, quality public spaces and a healthy environment must always be prioritised

The CCRG focus is to ensure that the funds raised through the city centre residential targeted rates are spent on projects that have a measurable benefit for residents, and are not used as a subsidy for other interests. 


Auckland’s ability to understand, appreciate and celebrate our own, and other cultures, is the key to our economic future

Along with great public spaces the CCRG, strongly supports the concept that Auckland as a great place to live will have a major influence on future economic success and cultural enrichment.



Open and transparent governance practises provide the essential structure that underpins the legitimacy of public sector leadership

CCRG will work with the Auckland Council family and the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board to ensure that the voice of all groups of city centre residents is at the centre of any decision making within the city centre, in particular as regards expenditure of the city centre targeted rate.


What We've Achieved

Since 2005 we have had a regular track-record of participatory submissions in public consultations and before committees, including Government, Auckland Regional Council, as well as  presenting at Environment Court hearings,  Auckland Council committees, strategies, planning,  and policies  affecting City Centre Residents. The following list is a summary of a few:

  • Transport - public transport networks, CRL, pedestrian priority, cycling, parking

  • Waterfront Masterplan development

  • waste management, litter, graffiti
    street cleaning, city centre repairs and maintenance of city assets

  • increasing public space

  • increasing trees

  • improving city centre security & police presence

  • signage, LED signs

  • Parliamentary Special Local Government Select Committee hearings of the Auckland Law Reform Acts leading to the establishing of the present Auckland Council

  • Public safety and nuisance

  • The Auckland Plan

  • Waitemata Local Board Plans

  • Public Notification of Resource Consents, after hours noisy works

  • Victoria Quarter Action Plan

  • Homelessness

  • Successive 'meet the candidates' public pre-election meetings for local and national government

  • Auckland Social Policy Forum

  • Passenger Transport Integration studies

  • Heritage Protection

  • Street Trading Policy

  • Emergency planning and awareness

  • Ports of Auckland - noise, pollution, reclamation

  • Family & elderly issues

  • Wynyard Quarter develpoment

  • Local area alcohol policy - drunkenness and sale of alcohol hours

Street Eats at Shed 10, Queens Wharf

Media Channels

We publish the City Centre Community E-News which is distributed to all members and over seven hundred other interested parties. 

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to the moment city centre news, info and general city centre enthusiasm.

Members also receive the monthly meeting agendas and minutes.

And CCRG have a handy
FLYER -  feel free to download it, print it, pin it to your apartment's notice board, or otherwise  disseminate it!