Auckland needs a Night Shelter

March 2018

This petition asks Auckland Council to help provide a night shelter.

Auckland used to have a night shelter and all other major cities in NZ have at least one. As city centre residents, we see people sleeping on the street in our neighbourhood every day. We find this unacceptable.

The last street count was in 2016 as winter began, when 288 people were found sleeping on the street within a 3km radius of the Sky Tower. Last winter it was estimated there were nearly 24,000 people without adequate shelter throughout Auckland City. People on waiting lists for housing have been told it is likely to be a year before they can be housed. The number of homeless people is increasing all the time.

The petition will be attached to a submission to Auckland Council on 28 March. Signatures will continue to be collected after the submission period closes.


Safer pedestrian facilities in Victoria Quarter

February 2018

Nelson Street, Hobson Street, Union Street and the Cook Street off ramp are extremely hostile to residents living in the area. This petition requests pedestrian and urban quality improvements to specific parts of this area to make it safer and more pleasant for the  already large, but rapidly growing inner-city resident community.

Victoria Quarter, Auckland Central

Victoria Quarter, Auckland Central