August 2019 ACCAB meeting agenda HERE

Since 2005, CCRG has had two seats (out of 19), representing city centre residents on the important Auckland City Centre Advisory Board. 

The board advises Auckland Council on achieving the vision and strategic outcomes of the Auckland Plan, the City Centre Masterplan, and the expenditure of the City Centre Targeted Rate (CCTR), supporting a development portfolio that addresses city centre issues.

Auckland Council includes:
· the governing body and its relevant committees
· Waitematā Local Board
· Council Controlled Organisations.

The City Centre Targeted rate is a special levy paid by all property owners - both residential and business and within the defined city centre area.

For residents, as of late 2018, there are approximately 18,205 ‘Separately Used or Inhabited Part of a Rating Unit’ (SUIP) in the City Centre that pay the CCTR. They each pay approximately $60.42 (incl GST) per annum.

City Centre Targeted Rate Area

The total amount collected from Businesses and Residents is approximately $200 million over 10 years, for ongoing  upgrades and enabling the City Centre Transformation Programme of capital works to improve the city centre.  Proposed projects are assessed against a set of agreed CRITERIA.  We are currently in the second targeted rate cycle, 2016-2026, which is likely to be extended out to 2028.

City Centre Summary Sheet 5 (Auckland Council) - a great graphic for what the CCTR is and has done

The City Centre Masterplan gives life to a vision of a better city centre, via a practical blueprint - a blueprint that is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is current and viable.
CCRG support, and wholeheartedly endorse this vision. 
We will work to ensuring this plan becomes a reality.

In 2019 - The CCMP is having a ‘refresh’ around:

CCMP Outcomes, Transformational Moves, Access for Everyone (A4E) and Auckland Climate Action Framework (ACAF)

The proposed consultation material is centred on the following components:

· 10 Outcomes
· 8 Transformational Moves (incorporating Māori Outcomes, Grafton Gully and Waterfront Plan Integration)
· Access for Everyone (A4E)
· Auckland Climate Action Framework (ACAF)

Recognising Residents’ needs, Outcome 6 Liveable City Centre acknowledges the growth in city centre population and formally recognises the importance of the city centre as a place to live. It provides direction around housing affordability, homelessness, safety and public space, highlighting the need for social infrastructure in the city centre

A Green Link from Victoria to Albert Park - a crucial City Centre Masterplan element

Perhaps the most visible projects are those involving streetscape upgrades, (Queen Street, Quay Street, Lorne Street, K Road, Swanson Street, Vulcan Lane and Lower Khartoum Place),  and the successful shared streets projects including Elliott Street, Darby Street, Jean Batten Place, Fort Street area, Lorne Street (in front of the Library) and O’Connell Street. All of these are part of the programme to transform the city centre's streets and open spaces into a high quality urban environment. 

Future projects, such as the Victoria Street Linear Park, (amongst many others), will provide the sort of city centre that residents can truly enjoy.

We of course are always interested in projects that make a targeted and measurable difference to residents, especially in areas that have been poorly served in the past. Much work has been done by the Board on reviewing the assessment criteria against which the City Centre Targeted Rate (CCTR) projects are measured.Read the comprehensive report presented to ACCAB on the criteria background,and information maps on how and where in the city centre much of the monies have been spent.

The Board alo provides a forum to discuss a range of issues, whether they be transport,  city centre cleaning, noise and public spaces, just to mention a few.
CCRG advocates for residents, applying common sense, and continually referencing the Positions that we have as a group, decided upon.

The Board meets monthly, and meetings are public. Check out the AGENDA,  & come along and see the many and varied projects the board is discussing and possibly endorsing to improve the city centre.

Board Terms of Reference and membership criteria.

St Patrick's Square - A City Centre Board targeted rate project

Improved Streetscapes - prioritising our urban spaces for people - residents, business and visitors