CCRG is a non-profit,  registered incorporated society with the purpose to represent – as a policy lobbying & stakeholder group advocate - Auckland City Centre residents, and their interests and concerns, vis-a-vis Auckland Council and any other agency whose actions have an impact on them. 

The City Centre area comprises those approximately 433 hectares that sit within the motorway  belt.  The phrase 'City Centre' has replaced 'CBD' in the 2012 The Auckland Plan, to better reflect & describe the range of users and occupants that now enjoy the city centre.

Why 'City Centre' , not 'CBD'?


The City Centre is divided in quarters, with plans developed or in development for each quarter.

Waterfront Plan 
Aotea Quarter
Karangahape Road
Learning Quarter (in development as of 2018)
Victoria Quarter
Quay Park
Engine Room

In 2004, Auckland Council adopted the "Auckland CBD Into the Future Strategy 2004-2014". The city centre residential population was then around 14,000.

To pay 80% of the costs involved in implementing this strategy, they set a targeted rate on both business & residential property owners within the city centre area.

Also in 2004, Auckland Council, sought Expressions of Interest from residents wanting to form a resident group to represent residents' interests, & work with Council.  A meeting was held in the city library,  and in 2005 the CBD Residents Advisory Group was established.

Shed 10, Queen's Wharf

At much the same time, the Council established the City Centre Advisory Board  to engage directly with those affected stakeholders groups (such as Residents), who were paying the targeted rate, plus other major stakeholder groups.

The CBD Resident Advisory Group was allocated two seats on that Board.

Since 2005 CCRG has had a regular track-record of participatory submissions in public consultation and before committees. Included are Auckland Council, (in particular, its Waitematā Local Board whose territorial responsibility includes the Auckland City Centre),  as well as Auckland Council committees, strategies, planning, policies and actions affecting City Centre Residents, and the greater city.

The Auckland CBD into the Future Strategy has since been overtaken by the City Centre Master Plan (CCMP),  a 20-year vision that sets the direction for the future of the city centre as the cultural, civic, retail and economic heart of the city.

There is general consensus that this has been a very successful capital development programme within the city centre and that the ACCAB has worked well with the respective Councils to achieve consensus around prioritising the different projects that make up the programme.

in 2016, the city centre targeted rate was extended for another ten years to 2026. As we also know,  the number of residential units has also increased hugely - as of 2019 the resident population has risen to over 57,000 - a figure of 45,000 was not expected to be reached until 2032.

In 2015, the group undertook a review, changing its name to the Auckland City Centre Residents' Group, under the acronym 'CCRG'. 

Ferry Basin Kiosk


Membership - our members are what drives us & gives residents their voice

  • Full Individual Membership - open to anyone who lives within the boundaries of the Auckland City Centre, either as a tenant or an owner
    Annual fee - $25

  • Associate Membership - open to K Rd residents outside the City Centre Area but within the K Rd district (Map) Annual Fee $25

  • Affiliate Membership - open to any person or group, located within the Auckland Council area, wishing to support CCRG objectives
    Annual Fee $50

CCRG is managed according to its Rules by an annually elected committee .

General meetings are held monthly and are open to all members  (who get to vote!)  as well as other interested people in general. 

image: David Roos 2017


We e-publish the quarterly City Centre Community E-News which is distributed to all members & over seven hundred other interested parties. 

We have an active presence  on
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Follw us for up-to-the-moment city centre news, info, and general city centre enthusiasm.

 Members also receive the monthly meeting agendas and minutes.
Recent Meeting Minutes can  be found HERE