The city centre is incredibly diverse, and along with its 50,000+ residents, it is also NZ's premier business, employment, entertainment, retail,  creative, educational, and financial centre.

Many, if not most residents will occupy or participate in more than one of the above groups. 

As residents, we proudly share a vision with others, to make the Auckland city centre, the best place to be.

This means that CCRG may talk to, interact with, lobby, meet, and work with, and maybe support,  a wide range of organisations, groups and people, who call the city centre home, or whose activities affect the city centre.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but reflects the extensive breadth and depth of our relationships, and the varied nature of the city centre, its activities and interests.


Waitematā Local Board - from Anuual report 2017/18


Activate Auckland!