Community Engagement Event


A community meeting was held on the 18th of June 2018 at Sally O’Rourke’s in SugarTree lane, with additional feedback gathered via social media.

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Three sheets were set up to collect feedback from the community - things that people like about their neighbourhood and community, some obvious quick wins, and finally the pain points.

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The positives of living in the area must be supported and enhanced, and the issues that negate these positives must be mitigated as best as possible.

Six main themes were identified in the feedback, each with positive and negative aspects. Below is a summary highlighting how the negative aspects impact on the positives of living in Victoria Quarter.

Urban Realm

How Victoria Looks, Feels and Functions for residents.



  • SugarTree Mural

  • Views from the ridge



  • Not enough greenery or colour

  • Nelson lower deck is “terrible”

  • Urine odours

  • Money spent on tourists/visitors before residents     .

  • Many roads in the area are hostile to pedestrians and provide no visual cues to vehicles as to the needs of the streets for residents and children


Quick Wins

  • Add Colour, Art, Greenery, Festoon Lights

  • Tidy up Nelson Street

  • Garbage Bins