Meet the Candidates 17 September 2019 - local govt elections

An early heads-up that the Auckland City Centre Residents group will be hosting a “Meet the Candidates” for City Centre residents to engage with candidates for the Local Government (Local Board or Ward) for the Waitematā Board & Gulf electorates:

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Time 6-8pm

Location : Ellen Melville Centre - Pioneer Women's' Hall

There will be more info about the format later, but our last event involved responding to a series of pre-circulated questions relating to City centre issues, followed by time at the end for questions from the audience.
See below for our last Meet the candidates event in 2017

Please put this date aside for this event and come and join us.

2017 General Elections meet the candidates Event

Meet The Candidates Post-Event Review:


Instead of priests, we had politicians holding the floor in the very atmospheric St Matthew-in-the-City, at our candidates meeting on 7 September.

These Central Auckland candidates were:

Nikki Kaye (National)
 Helen White (Labour)
Denise Roche, MP (Greens)
Mika Haka (The Opportunities Party)
Stephen Greenfield (Conservative Party) and
Frank Edwards (NZ First).

CCRG chair Noelene welcomed the sizeable audience, committee members Mik and Adam were MC and bell ringer respectively, and the candidates had two minutes to speak on six topics that had been sent to them prior: the central-local government relationship, transport, alcohol, a city centre school, homelessness, and the Unit Titles Act and Residential Tenancies Act.


The audience not only had the opportunity to ask questions - which included sewage in the harbour, heritage, and climate change - but were able to chat with the candidates after the meeting. Aside from a “toppling of the flowers” incident near the start, the evening ran very smoothly, and many useful and interesting ideas were aired.

Courtesy of Freestyle Event Photography


Thanks to all candidates for a thoughtful, civilised and committed exchange of ideas.
Good Luck to All.


Thanks to the Waitematā Local Board for funding support, and St Matthew-in-the-City for the use of this wonderful venue that celebrates city centre gathering and community.

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